Trust and Follow Ninth Moon

(Gambling man of Shamrock Field x Meg the Blacksheep)

HD A, ED 0
52cm 17kg
NHAT, CACJ - exellent, open for stud

DNA tests (by MyDogDna): CEA Normal, IGS Carrier, TNS Normal, NCL5 Normal, MDR1 Normal, RS Normal, DM Normal, GG Normal, SN Normal, EAOD Clear, HUU Normal 

Most of crazy puppy from my girls, and im so wait him for my kennel! He on co-owners with me and Polina Zhuravleva, live in St.Peterburg now.
Alot happines live wait him and im so proud for it.


T1: +7 963 88 168 45

T2: +7 919 478 14 42

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