Proud of my dog

22 may.... Very good day for our littel team! Frisbee / Dogpuller/ Pitch&Go Championship Perm city.

Our result frisbee: Meg the blacksheep 2 place on progress, 1 place on open class, 1 place roll. Meg - champion perm city in roll and open class!!!! Our result pitch: Meg the blaksheep 2 place, Tim 2 place Our result dogpuller: Meg the blacsheep 2 place, Tim 1 place

28-29 may qualification for the FCI WC 2016 in Kazan... My littel king, my Tim with me second place in team. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

4 june Gran Pri Perm city... Meg 1 place in A1 (debut)

And littelbit about site - update on gallery "sport" and "everyday"

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